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When a Child Shout, Angry, Cry or Acting Stubborn

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Next time when your child is

1 Shouting

2 Angry

3 Crying

4 Acting Stubborn

Remind Yourself

  1. There is nothing wrong with my child. these are normal behaviors.
  2. I don’t need to take this behavior personally. This does not say anything about my parenting.
  3. I cannot control how my child is behaving, but I can control how I behave.
  4. My child is unable to handle his/her emotions right now and needs my help.

This will help you staying calm.

And staying calm is the power in


Stubbornness in children is natural, but this does not make the parent’s difficulties any less. Chores as simple as going to sleep, taking a bath, or eating can take a lot of convincing, ultimately leading to an argument. Dealing with this every day can be taxing. Therefore, it is essential to acquaint the child with the consequences of such behavior. You also need to appreciate their hard work and good behavior to get them to listen to you.

Stubborn Child Psychology Understanding Stubborn Children

If determination is one of your strong suits, you’d love to see that in your children as well. But the tricky part is to know the difference between determination and stubbornness. So how do you tell one from the other?

  • The dictionary meaning of determination is ‘firmness of purpose’.
  • Stubbornness is defined as having an unwavering determination to do something or act in a particular way. Simply put, it is refusing to change one’s thoughts, behaviors, or actions regardless of the external pressure to do otherwise.


Experts Says:- “The factors that can contribute to children being stubborn or strong-willed are their developmental stage, temperament, parenting style, stressors, and unmet needs.”


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