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The Reasons Why Children Lose Interest in Studies

The main Reasons Why Children Lose Interest in Studies                                                                                                                                                         

  1. There can be multiple reasons most of the time the faults are at parent’s end we as parents have too many expectations from our children! Yes they can do that but do give them some time issue starts when we get too anger while making them Study. Do understand they are your children they are idealizing you .


2. When we label them “He/She just don’t want to study” ooh! Come on they are our kids we must push them to the success not to the make them believe that they are useless.


3. When we get very impatient about there mistakes when they are studying. Seriously !

Just think once are we trying to win from our kids or we want see them 4 steps ahead where we are right now, be the teacher of your child not a competitor they want your support  not the anger do under stand.


4. When we can’t stop talking about their studies because we are too worried.

Wait a moment! Did we ever realized the seriousness of study ? 99% will say no then why should they become serious about do realize they what they will get or what they will lose if they don’t study.

All Children are different in studies Please accept this and help them instead of stressing out.

Thank you for your time hope to see in next blog till then be happy.

Stay Blessed