Parenting Tips

Do you Disrespect your child ?

Do you Disrespect your child ?

Ofcourse not! ……… But! we do that when we

  1. Don’t respect their uniqueness and compare them.

“See, he/she is able to sit properly, then why can’t you”?

2. Don’t validate and respect their emotions.

” There is nothing to cry about, why do you cry for such small things?”

3. Don’t say nothing happened when they fall down

“They are in pain and we says nothing happened come on get up give them time check what happened and motivate them.

Do Remember !

Always, Involve your children in setting rules. Give your child space and independence. Be patients on your efforts and don’t set unrealistic expectations. Listen to your child and respect their feelings. Don’t hesitate to accept your mistakes, acknowledge that and set an example. Praise their efforts and good behavior.


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